The beauty and harmony of the surrounding space

Ambiance — refined French niche perfumery brand for the home. Like fragrances of expensive perfume characterizing your personality, our perfume for the home becomes an embodiment of identity of your house, creating a true atmosphere of cosiness, comfort, convenience and good mood. The desire to create favorable and safe individual space in which there is a wish to live, love, create, fall in a reverie and memoirs, formed the brand’s birth basis, Ambiance. Beautifully composed by our creative team in tandem with Grasse’s perfumers and inspired by unsurpassed beauty of the nature of Provence, Ambiance by right will take a worthy place in an interior of your house.


Brand «Ambiance»

37 Rue d’Antibes 06400 Cannes

tel: +33 6 31 98 74 65

Contact for Europe:

Zoya Chubykina/Mathieu Moldetzov

Contact for the World, excluding Europe:

Ekaterina Evtushenko